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England DNA
Futsal for Worting?
DNA Foundation Phase Futsal

The England DNA wants coaches to work towards helping players develop outstanding technical ability. This starts in the Foundation Phase and playing Futsal is a great game to use.

The Foundation Phase is the perfect time to introduce players to the benefits of playing Futsal. The constraints of the game really do help to challenge the players, regardless of age, and it is the perfect game to supplement the involvement many young players will have with football. The England DNA demands that a different kind of player is developed and Futsal has a very important role to play.

On Saturday the 18th August I (Neil) attended the DNADay at St.Georges Park (Leeds vs Burnley u10s above). The event was attended by over 100 Grassroots coaches and 4 pro academy teams taking part in the DNACup. 

Futsal is something we will introduce at Worting over the coming months especially during the winter months...Worting parents what do you think? Let me know?

Futsal video England DNA

  • The players will have increased touches and decisions to make (master the ball)
  • The players will have increased opportunities to: accelerate, decelerate, change direction, stop and start, dodge and feint (master your body)
  • Players are under constant pressure and have limited space (seek creative solutions)
  • The players will have more tactical challenges to overcome (instinctive decision making)
  • There will be more opportunities to shoot, pass, move, dribble and play 1v1 (be exciting with the ball)
  • The players will have to react to transition more often (instinctive decisions)
  • The players will have to defend as an individual and a team (intelligent defending)
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